About us

General Overview

Tansoo is a company dedicated in helping our partners buy high quality products from leading manufacturers worldwide.


Tansoo has the unique ability to negotiate attractive pricing and terms thanks to long-term, close knit relationships with our vendors.
Companies who want consistent market share improvements choose Tansoo due to our partnerships with innovative and progressive buyers.

The combination of extensive international marketing and business expertise coupled with an unwavering commitment to customer service excellence has earned Tansoo the reputation of a progressive, dynamic, and reliable firm.

Tansoo is able to represent any size company from start-up operations to multi-national corporations. Tansoo has a list of prestigious clients in over 40 countries and is continuously entering new markets and countries. As Tansoo employees speak many languages (English – Spanish – French – Swedish – Hebrew), the company is able to reach any type of market and build strong relationships with partners.


Our Services Are Covering Every Stage of Growth


Why We Are Experts

Our expertise is based on a sharp knowledge of all the economic factors we always include in the negotiation process

  • Exchange rates
  • International duties
  • Import regulation


We’ve built our reputation through continuous follow up and a hands on business approach.

We visit customers in their countries around the world, spending time at their workplaces so that we may truly understand their business and their expectations. This first-hand knowledge allows us to provide the best solutions and opportunities for growth.


Our Team

 Patrick Henning

 Patrick is the founder and President of Tansoo, Inc. He has an extensive background in the development of marketing and sales strategies both domestically and internationally. Patrick holds a BA in Marketing from Lynn University and an MBA in International Business from the New York Institute of Technology in International Business.

Rony Zavlodaver

Rony Zavlodaver is the Director of Sales & Marketing at Tansoo, Inc. His responsibilities include managing and supervising orders to assure that all shipments reach their destinations efficiently and safely.  He works tirelessly in building meaningful relationships with our customers to ensure all their needs and expectations are met on a daily basis. Mr. Zavlodaver holds a BA in Psychology at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida.

Brett Ormandy

Brett has joined our team as our New Business Development Director. He has his Masters in International Business and his many years of sales expertize will help us grow and venture in untapped markets to expand our offerings. He brings a professional demeanor as a motivator and we are happy to welcome him to our team.

Charles Fournier

Charles is our European Sales Manager.  His responsibilities include managing all our European distributors and assisting them in developing the brands in their respective markets. Charles hold a MBA from HEC in Paris France.

Veronica Restrepo

Veronica Restrepo is the “backbone” at Tansoo Inc.  She maintains an effective management system, keeps an updated database of all shipments, and prepares weekly sales reports.  She has traveled extensively for school and leisure allowing her to learn different aspects of doing business internationally and their cultures. Veronica has a BA in International Business and Finance from Florida Atlantic University.







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